We offer a wide range of make-up services: day look, evening look, make-up for photography, make-up based on the era. 

Daytime look highlights the client’s natural beauty: light foundation, natural eyeshadow, well-groomed eyebrows and mascara, blush, lip gloss. Day makeup is light and fresh, created using natural shades.

Evening looks are for special occasions. The base is full coverage and shaped, the eyeshadow is intense and takes into account the features of the wearer, false eyelashes, filled eyebrows, lipstick. This glamorous makeup is designed to look its best in dim artificial light.

Make-up for the shoot includes a strong, precise and correcting look: darker eye make-up with shorter false lashes, a smooth well-blended base and lipstick. It should be taken into account that the final result in the photo is about 50% brighter than in real life. In black and white photography, color loses its importance and contrast becomes most important.

Era-specific makeup. Let’s play along – we’ll create a look specific to your chosen era. But everything must be stylish and stay true to the era!

Fantasy makeup and stage makeup. We also do special makeup.

Beautiful makeup makes your confidence shine.


Makeup price list

Day look                               45 min · 45€

Evening look                      75 min · 45€

Photo shoot                        90 min · 50€

Era-specific make-up    90 min · 50€

Bridal look                          90 min · 70€

Additional lashes                             5 €

Make-up for men           20 min · 25€


We use professional quality makeup from brands such as Stagecolor, Kryolan, Urban Decay, Morphe.