Haircuts for women, men and children

Every hair appointment starts with a brief consultation. Would you like a classical cut or something trendy? A good hair stylist finds the most suitable style based on the specific client, assesses the health of the client’s hair and scalp and gives advice on daily hair care.

We recommend cutting your hair every 4–6 weeks, in order for the hair to stay healthy and beautiful.

Our service list also includes hot scissors haircut aka Terra-Cut, which takes around 1,5 hours.

Men’s haircut takes around 30–45 minutes and includes washing the hair, a gentle massage, combined cut (scissors + clipper) and finishing touches.

Women’s haircut takes around 60 minutes and includes washing the hair, a gentle massage, hair treatment (conditioner or mask), cutting the hair, blow-drying and a simple hairstyle. The list of products used depends on the client’s preferences and needs.

Children’s haircuts usually take around 30 minutes. We try to make your child’s first haircut jolly and fun.

A well-picked style and a professional haircut help to enhance the beauty of the person.

Hair colouring

Before the colouring procedure, we make sure to figure out the client’s preferred colour and style. Colouring the hair using a special technique (for example balayage, ombre) requires a consultation beforehand, because multi-colour special techniques are more time consuming than just the regular covering of roots.

Average time for each procedure:

Root touch-up – 1,5h

Root touch-up and cutting ends – 2h

Root touch-up and toning in length – 2h

Colouring and cutting the ends (long hair) – 2,5h

Root touch-up and hot scissors cut – 2,5h

Colouring using a special technique – 3–5h

The hair colouring service also includes a relaxing scalp massage. We recommend asking for a moisturising hair treatment as an addition. The appointment is finished by styling. We recommend colouring your hair every five weeks, because that is the perfect interval which keeps the hair colour vibrant.



Juukselõikus: 30-35€   šampooniga pesemine, lõikus, kujundamine (1 h)

Narmaslõige: 5 €

Juukselõikus kuumade kääridega: 40-45 € šampooniga pesemine, kujundamine (1,5 h)



Juuste värvimine või esiletõstmine: 55–95 €
šampooniga pesemine, juukselõikus, kujundamine (2 h)

Varikustehnikas värvimine: alates 75 € (2,5-3 h)

Värvide eemaldamine: alates 75 € (2,5-5 h)

Püsivad: 65-75 € / 90€ šampooniga pesemine, lõikamine, stiilimine (2,5-3 h)



Pesemiin ja föönitamine: 20-30 € (1 h)

Stiilimine erinevate lokirullide või triikraudadega: 25–35 € šampooniga pesemine, stiil (1 h)

Pidulik soeng: 35-45 € šampooniga pesemine, soengu tegemine (1,5 h)

Punumine: 20 €
ilma pesuta (30 min)



Peamassaaž, koorimine, stiliseerimine: 35 € (1 h)

Rollandi juuksehooldus infrapunatangidega: 45–55 € (1 h)

Joico Defi Damage Moisturizing Care:   25 €
hooldus, pesu, viimistlemine (45min)


Haircut: 25-30 €
shampooing, haircutting, styling (45 min)

Beard and mustache trimmin: 15 €  (30 min)

Head  massage, peeling, styling: 25 €  (30 min)

CHILDREN (until 7 years)

Children´s haircut: 20 € (30 min)


Our salon represents both organic ammonia-free and low ammonia permanent and demi-permanent hair colours from brands like Organic Way, Insight, Joico and Affinage.

Organic Way is an Italian hair care brand free from artificial chemicals and ammonia, which is based on biodynamic, organic and Fair Trade principles.
Insight is an Italian professional quality brand that offers hair care which is natural and gentle, but effective at the same time.
Joico LumiShine is a low ammonia hair colour line. The innovative Argiplex technology restores and protects the hair during the colouring process.
Affinage Infiniti line with its Date Plus technology, shea butter and argan oil protects the hair and gives you vibrant colour.
Olaplex on äsja välja töötatud abimees, mis ravib ja kaitseb juukseid, samuti hoiab ära värvimisprotsessist tulenevad kahjustused.