Facial treatment

For facial treatments, our salon uses the French cosmetics line  Maria Galland, which is highly praised by our clients as well as our employees.

An experienced cosmetologist assesses your skin’s condition and helps you choose the right facial treatment that suits your skin. At the start of the appointment, your skin will be cleansed from makeup and dust, using cleansing milk and tonic, then scrubbed with a special scrubbing cream.

A light relaxing massage boosts blood and lymph circulation and speeds up your skin’s metabolism.

At the end of the facial treatment, the cosmetologist covers your face and neck with a moisturising, softening mask. The last step after removing the mask is moisturising your skin with face and eye cream.

After the facial, your skin will feel fresh and clean. The cosmetologist can recommend a daily cleansing routine to follow at home, which will support the benefits of what you have just done. The cosmetologist also determines how soon you would need to come in for another treatment at the salon.

As an additional service, we offer chemical tinting for lashes and brows, as well as brow shaping. The cosmetologist will shape your brows using wax or tweezers. Your lashes and brows will be tinted using RefectoCil tints which are high quality and long lasting.

We recommend getting your lashes and brows done once a month.


NEW! D-TOX treatment · 35 € (30 min)
Combined with another treatment: 20 €
D-TOX treatment cleanses the skin intensively and cares gently for even the most sensitive of skins. The skin will look brighter and more balanced. This treatment can be combined with others.


Youthful glow treatment · 70 €

Rejuvenates tired skin, the anti-aging effect can be seen instantly and the overall look will be a lot more youthful. (60 min)


Foam mask treatment · 50 €

Selected based on your skin needs. During the treatment, your face will be wrapped in a cocoon that rejuvenates and soothes the skin – supreme satisfaction is guaranteed. (60 min)


Unique lifting treatment · 90 €

Lifting treatment with an innovative massage technique. After the procedure, your skin will be more toned, smoother and the contours of the face will be more prominent. Fine lines and wrinkles will be significantly less noticeable. (75 min)


Face treatment with certified natural cosmetics brand Argital  · 

45 € (60 min)

Different treatments based on skin type.

Cleansing, peel, massage for the face/neck/décolleté, mask, cream.


Argital treatment for the eyes · 20 €

Makeup removal, gentle peel and massage, mask, cream (20 min)

The treatment removes excess water from the tissues, therefore reducing puffiness and swelling. The eye area will appear a lot smoother and the eyes will feel refreshed and light.


Face massage · 20 € (15 min)


* All of the procedures are individually selected to suit your skin type. All of the treatments are 100% manual and include different types of massage.


Eyebrow tint · 8 €

Eyelash tint · 8 €

Eyebrow shaping · 8 €

Eyebrow shaping & tint · 15 €

Eyebrow shaping & tint + eyelash · 20 €