Our experienced cosmetologist uses professional depilation techniques and high quality wax from Italwax. Warm wax is used for removing hair from legs, arms and face, while bikini depilation requires a combination of warm and hard wax.

During the depilation procedure, the hairs will be removed along with their roots, which gives a smooth and clean result. It doesn’t matter whether it is your first leg depilation or a delicate bikini depilation, our experienced cosmetologist will carry out the procedure as fast and with as little pain as possible. The result will last approximately 3–4 weeks.







Lip       8€

Chin    8€

Lip & Chin       15€  (20min)

Underarms     15€  (20min)

Arms          30€  (45min)

Hands up to the elbows       20€  (30min)

Lower legs     20€  (40min)

Thighs              20

Full leg             40€  (60min)



Back (men)        30€

Chest (men)      30€