About us

Geete Studio staff is Colleagues with a capital C to each other. Well actually we are a family.
None of us remember when we became one but it happened on our Desiree years. Desiree salon was a second home to us all worlds closest team where all the newcomers were welcomed with warmth and all the ones that moved on still remain good friends. Unfortunately all good things come to an end.
Shared memories, wind of change, big experiences, hard working and friendly team!

That’s Geete studio.


Hairstylist, make up artist

On her business card she can proudly call herself a hairstylist but also a make up artist. Tiinas aunty was a hairdresser too so while it seems part of her talent runs through her blood the rest is a result of hard work and dedication. The day she received her hairdressing diploma was also a day when Estonia started using Estonian kroon as their currency again. Tiina is constantly keeping her self up to date with the latest hairdressing courses and holds a international Pivot Point certificate. 2014 she discovered the world of make up , she studied make up covering every day and bridal all the way to film and theater special effects. Tiina offers her clients convenient and compact service :”hair and make up all in one” Her hobbies include ballroom dance competition hair, dancers hair ups is her biggest passion. She has also studied business management.

Putting all her acquired skills and natural talent to good use is how Geete Studio was born.


Beauty therapist

End of the 90’s inspired by a desire for change Piret studied to become a beauty therapist. After graduating the beauty school she tried her hand in couple of salons before stopping at Desiree in Tallinn town center. Piret offers a variety of beauty cervices. Big part of her working day is taken up by waxing. Clients have recognized her as  : “Speedy and job well done!” While working with outer beauty Piret studied the beautiful soul of humankind. The Higher education years broadened her horizons and developed stronger empathy skills. She gives her all to provide every client high quality service with individual approach and confidentiality. Piret dares to think that on top of using her hands she also uses her heart.



Virve is a hairstylist and that is the one and only job that she has always done. Her first ever job was in Tallinn in a respected salon on Vene st.

Virve worked at Hotel Olümpia salon Desiree for close to 20 years. The days she started hairdressing, mens hair was not allowed to be cut in a same salon as women and that’s how Virve ended up as ladies only hairstylist. Virves trump card is permanent waves, this is something that todays hair graduates don’t get much practice on.

Virve is calm and loves her job, it makes her happy.