Men ´s haircut
(shampooing, haircutting, styling)
30min   20.-

Beard and mustache trimmin
30min   15.-

Head  massage, peeling, styling
30min   25.-

Women´s haircut
(shampooing, haircutting, styling)
1h           20-25.-

Haircut with Hot Scissors
(shampooing, styling)
1,5h       35.-

Head  massage, peeling, styling
1h           35.-

Rolland hair care with infrared tongs
1h           35-40.-

Fringe cut
15min   5.-

Children´s haircut
30min   15.-


Hair coloring or highlights
(shampooing, haircutting, styling)
2h           45-70.-

Coloring by using varikus techniques
2,5-3h   alates 60.-

Color removal
2,5-3h   alates 60.-

(shampooing, cutting, styling)
2-2,5h   50-75.-


Washing and blow drying
1h           20-25.-

Styling with different curlers or flat irons (shampooing, styling)
1,5h       25-35.-

Formal hairstyling (shampooing, styling)
1,5h       30-40.-

(without washing)
30min   20.-


Hair treatment with infrared remedy iron.
A serum containing hyalominerals and ceramides reconstructs and moisturises damaged, weak hair. Infrared activates the serum and the treatment strengthens hair, adding shine and facilitating combability of long hair.

Thera-cut scissors are connected to a digital computer-based system which keeps the temperature of the scissor blades constant. In addition to cutting, the ends of the hair are sealed, which helps to maintain their natural oil and moisture content. The treatment makes hair smooth, shiny and easily combable, eliminates branched ends, promotes hair growth and makes curls springy and flexible.